Ensuring Safety •through accurate Surveillance.

Orange Enterprises ensures complete safety and security of its customers;

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CCTV Installation

The most critical aspect in CCTV installation is the quality of the lenses inside the cameras; we install quality cameras with good lenses for better image capturing and storage

UPS Connections

We also deal in installation of UPS systems, we provide UPS connections with good quality batteries and we also guarantee the quality of these batteries.

Home Security Systems on rental basis

We firmly believe in the saying ‘Home Sweet Home’, without installing a good quality Home Security system, your home may no longer be sweeter and safer.

Security Accessories

Accessories in the security management is paramount, procuring good quality accessories for all kinds of security needs brings in a great deal of contentment and satisfaction. We deal with the best quality Security accessories that could fulfill your entire needs of security.

Electric Water Geyser

While there are many electric water geyser brands in the market, the right brand could make all the difference to you and your family, we deal with the most power efficient Electric Water Geysers.

Water Purifier

The best water purifiers are the ones that come with the best purifying and filtering technologies, we deal with water purifiers which have the latest and effective water purifying technologies.

Solar System

As the good old saying goes ‘Make hay while the sun shines’, the best solar systems heat water more efficiently and quickly giving the advantage of time, we deal with the best solar systems in the business who deliver the right and scalable technology.

We are orrange enterprises

We at Orange Enterprises aim to meet the aspirations of all kinds of customers; we also install CCTV, Security Systems, UPS Connections and Home Security Systems on rental basis.

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